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Mr. Tampa is the 2023 Award Winner as Best Drone Videographer in Tampa, Presented by Travelers' Atlas®.

Tampa - Florida


Based in Tampa, Chuck, known professionally as Mr. Tampa, is a seasoned camera and drone operator specializing in professional sports videography. His expertise captures the dynamic and intense moments of sports, offering viewers a captivating perspective of the action. Chuck's technical skills, combined with his creative vision, allow him to create high-quality, engaging content that meets the specific needs of sports teams and event organizers.

Mr. Tampa's approach is centered on collaboration and open communication, ensuring that each project aligns perfectly with the client's objectives and audience expectations. By integrating client feedback throughout the production process, Chuck tailors his content to resonate deeply with viewers, making each piece not only a showcase of skill but also a reflection of collaborative effort and shared vision. This method underscores his commitment to delivering impactful and personalized sports visual narratives.

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