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STHLM TAPAS is the 2023 Award Winner as Best Tapas in Stockholm, Presented by Travelers' Atlas®.

55 Torsgatan, Stockholm 113 37 - Sweden


STHLM Tapas, recognized as the Best Tapas in Stockholm, offers a dining experience influenced by global culinary traditions. The establishment prioritizes creating experiences through its diverse menu. It features a range of tapas that includes traditional combinations as well as innovative dishes inspired by international gastronomy, providing a broad spectrum of flavors and culinary techniques.

The menu features a range of specialties, including Marinated manchego, Portobello carpaccio, and seafood dishes like Shrimp taco, Scampi in hot oil, and Seared scallop. Additionally, STHLM Tapas offers gift certificates that customers can purchase and load with a chosen amount, providing an opportunity to share the STHLM Tapas dining experience with others. These gift cards are available for both dine-in and online orders, extending the restaurant's emphasis on communal and shared dining experiences.







Exotic Flavours




55 Torsgatan, Stockholm 113 37 - Sweden


+46 70 478 63 18


SAT 5  PM - 10  PM

MON  5  PM - 10  PM

TUE  5  PM - 10  PM

WED  5  PM - 10  PM

THU  5  PM - 10  PM

FRI 5  PM - 10  PM

SUN  5  PM - 10  PM



Excellent food. We had only fish and it was consistently delicious, if somewhat over-salted to my taste, but I found that food in Denmark overall was rather salty.
The whole experience was lovely. A charming atmosphere, attentive and friendly staff, delicious wines. Probably my favorite restaurant in Copenhagen.


Brilliant night celebrating my husbands birthday. Such a great atmosphere, felt very welcome and the food was gorgeous! The team were so friendly and super helpful with everything. Thanks for a really fun time!


Monika S

One of my favourite spots in Stockholm, nicely located and cosy. Above all the service is spectacular and the food is always very creative and excellent. Would absolutely recommend this restaurant! What an experience!



Kjell Sandström
Quick service, friendly staff and all the staff were helpful! We didn't just have one waiter. Very good food, in small portions, that is, as the restaurant is called, Tapas! Easy to share.


cristina K
Absolutely incredible experience. We felt at home from the beginning. 😍! We had an overview of the food and the place and had no doubt that we had arrived at the right place. The food, atmosphere and service were top notch from start to finish.


May Macker
We were very pleased with our visit. Good food and great service. One of the participants had several allergies, but everything could be fixed so he could eat too (except a few individual dishes). This has become our new favorite place in Stockholm.



Christophe Gomez
Very well received even though we didn't have a reservation.
The staff is always smiling, is always caring, very pedagogical and the tapas are excellent.

We had a very nice evening.


johan dalan
I love this place. Very good food and drink. The team is wonderful. The room is decorated so you never run out of things to talk about.


Good and well-prepared food, good music, friendly staff who ask if it's tasty :) I would like to come back here and I highly recommend it! If a family member has a birthday or maybe just to treat yourself to some good food and a good night!😄

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