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APA Insurance is the 2023 Winner of the Social Responsibility Award, presented by Travelers' Atlas.

Apollo Centre, Ring Rd Parklands Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya

Social Responsibility

Apollo Investments Limited, founded in 1977, has long been a pillar of financial stability in East Africa. But while Apollo encompasses several influential companies, APA Insurance has recently emerged as a beacon of corporate social responsibility. Winner of the Winner of Social Responsibility, not only underscores APA's prowess in the insurance sector but also illuminates their dedication to societal upliftment.

APA Insurance's "Insuring Happiness" isn't merely a brand slogan—it's an embodiment of their mission to intertwine financial services with tangible community impact. Their diverse CSR endeavors span from addressing environmental challenges, such as water sanitation and climate action, to launching educational initiatives, which include adopting schools, providing scholarships, and nurturing the next generation with internships.

Additionally, the health and well-being of the East African community are paramount to APA. The company has initiated food drives during challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic and established affordable medical wings. They've also taken strides in promoting sports, particularly among the youth, not only for physical health but also as a conduit for community engagement and mentorship.

In the landscape of East Africa, while Apollo Investments Limited stands as a testament to business mission, APA Insurance emerges as a company that understands its broader societal role. As they continue to innovate in the insurance space, APA's commitment to community development and enrichment remains unwavering, making them a true icon of social responsibility.

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Apollo Centre, Ring Rd Parklands Westlands, Nairobi


(+254) 0709 912 777

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