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Casa Nova Restaurant is the 2023 Winner of the Sustainability Award, presented by Travelers Atlas'.

Finca Cal Tòfol – Barri La Bleda, s/n 08731 Sant Martí Sarroca (BCN)

Social Responsibility

Located in the center of the peninsula, Casa Nova is a restaurant that combines tradition with innovation, offering contemporary cuisine based on local zero-kilometer products. The warm and inviting ambiance and the meticulously crafted dishes by Chef Andrés Torres ensure an unforgettable dining experience. Beyond its culinary excellence, Casa Nova's commitment to sustainability earned it the sustainability award from Travelers Atlas.

The sustainable ethos of Casa Nova is rooted in the philosophy of Andrés Torres, who has collaborated with indigenous communities in Guatemala for over thirty years. Operating under the principle of "making the most of what you receive and giving back what's left over," the restaurant uses solar energy and repurposed wine barrels to collect rainwater for irrigation. Instead of using pesticides, they have insect hotels that naturally manage pests. In addition to producing in-house rosemary and lavender honey and caring for bees, Casa Nova gives prominence to staples like the potato, honoring the culinary traditions of Peru and Bolivia. For its environmental efforts, it received the Green Star from the Michelin Guide.

Casa Nova's commitment to sustainability extends beyond its kitchen and garden. They utilize a drip irrigation system, recycle paper, cardboard, glass, and plastic, and transform organic waste into compost. Solar panels power the establishment, and there's a charging station for electric vehicles. Local suppliers, ensuring fresh and proximate products, are a cornerstone of their operations. This comprehensive approach to responsible consumption underscores Casa Nova's leadership in sustainability.

On the social front, Casa Nova takes significant strides. Andrés Torres, also the president of the NGO Global Humanitaria, has been at the forefront of aid initiatives in Latin America, Africa, and Asia since 1999. Reacting to the challenges of COVID-19, they provided food kits to vulnerable individuals in Penedès, where the restaurant is located. Recent initiatives include working with fellow chefs to raise funds for Ukraine, emphasizing that Casa Nova is not just a restaurant but also a beacon for global change and awareness.

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Finca Cal Tòfol – Barri La Bleda, s/n 08731 Sant Martí Sarroca (BCN)


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