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Good Hotel London is the 2023 Winner of the Social Responsibility Award, presented by Travelers Atlas'.

Royal Victoria Dock, Western Gateway, London E16 1FA, United Kingdom

Social Responsibility

Centrally located, the Good Hotel uniquely intertwines minimal Dutch design with utmost comfort, ensuring guests experience both style and restful slumber. Each room, fitted with expansive windows to showcase views, embodies efficiency through clever space utilization. While rooms lack TVs, they make up for it with breathtaking views, and while minibars are absent, a vibrant bar awaits guests in the lobby. However, beyond the stylish accommodations, the Good Hotel's dedication to social responsibility has led to its well-deserved Social Responsibility Award.

At the heart of the Good Hotel is its mission to reinvest profits towards bettering society. This commitment, aptly encapsulated by their "Do Good" motto, means that excess profits are dedicated to social causes globally. The hotel serves as an exemplar of responsible business by upcycling intriguing locations for their establishments, hiring and training long-term unemployed individuals, and sourcing locally and sustainably for everything, from furniture to food.

A prime illustration of their dedication is the Good Global Foundation. Through this foundation, guests contribute to impactful global endeavors by simply staying at the hotel. Notably, a significant cause supported by the foundation is Niños de Guatemala, co-founded by Marten Dresen, the Good Hotel's founder. This initiative ensures that over 550 children receive education in the two primary and one secondary schools set up by the foundation. Moreover, the Good Training Program, launched in 2015, offers an intensive hospitality course and has successfully retrained over 300 employees. With an impressive employment rate post-graduation, the program has seen great success in places like Guatemala, Amsterdam, and London.

The hotel's innovative mindset is evident in its unique architectural choices, such as their floating hotel platform. Originally a derelict structure, the hotel saw its potential and meticulously refurbished it before transporting it across the North Sea. Furthermore, in line with their commitment to local communities, the Good Hotel ensures partnerships with local, sustainable suppliers. This approach not only bolsters the local economy but also ensures guests are exposed to authentic, quality products like recycled-glass water bottles from Belu and fresh produce from UK farms and London markets.

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Royal Victoria Dock, Western Gateway, London E16 1FA, United Kingdom


+44 20 3637 7401

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