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Traveler's Atlas Honors Juttima with the Heroes Award for Her Efforts in People With Disability Inclusion.

Sydney, Australia


In a world of flawless skin, chiseled bodies, and picture-perfect lives on social media, Juttima Chinnasri stands as a beacon of resilience and hope. Her TikTok and Instagram feeds aren’t just about the latest activewear trends or the newest workout regimen; they're chronicles of her journey back to life.
Born in Thailand and now a resident of Sydney, Juttima's world took an unexpected turn at 28 when she contracted a severe case of meningococcal septicaemia. This battle cost her both legs and fingers. Yet, instead of letting this define her, she chose to rewrite her narrative.
From sharing videos of her learning to walk again to candidly capturing the struggles of fitting her prosthetic legs into a rowing machine, Juttima's digital footprint has become an emblem of sheer will and tenacity. Today, she boasts an impressive 140,000 TikTok followers and a community of over 30,000 on Instagram.
Juttima's influence isn’t just about fitness or fashion, it's about representation. "We all want to feel like we belong," she shares. And indeed, for every individual who feels isolated or different, Juttima’s story offers solace. Her posts send out a powerful message: 'You are not alone.'
Her journey has seen her model for renowned brands such as Toyota, Ryderwear, and Women's Best. She even showcased her spirit on the prestigious Australian Fashion Week runway. Still, every day is a challenge. She deals with the physical and logistic aspects of her disability, while also managing a full-time job as a job skills trainer.
Despite these challenges, Juttima stands as a testament to the changing face of the modeling industry. Laura Winson, co-founder of Zebedee, an inclusive global talent agency, speaks of how consumers are looking beyond the stereotypical ideals of beauty. Real stories, real challenges, and real triumphs now resonate more.
The fashion and advertising world is slowly waking up to this. Take, for instance, the Shift 20 campaign by the Dylan Alcott Foundation, which seeks to increase the representation of people with disabilities to 20% in the media, reflecting the real-world statistics in Australia.
Juttima Chinnasri isn’t just a model or a fitness influencer; she’s an emblem of hope, perseverance, and the human spirit. Her journey reminds us all that beauty isn't just skin deep; it’s etched in scars, stories, and the strength to rise above adversities.

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