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Traveler on top of a rock looking at the horizon

Travelers' Atlas

Where the Best Meets the Map

Explore the world with Travelers' Atlas. This guide covers every continent, with advice for destinations from beaches in the US to ancient temples in Asia and historical cities in Europe. It is designed to enhance your travel experiences and simplify planning, no matter where you go.



Discover top-rated Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, and Hotels. Additionally, explore a variety of Services, Wellness options, and a selection of Activities.

Special Categories

This section of the guide highlights Social Responsibility, focusing on Sustainability and Inclusion. The goal is to align with contemporary global values, providing insights into remarkable stories of Heroes and the initiatives of Nonprofit Organizations.

Latest Awards

Cafe Monarch


Scottsdale - USA

Edgewood Tahoe Resort


Stateline - USA

The Volstead

Bars & Clubs

Jacksonville - USA



Copenhagen - Denmark

Sea Seeker Krabi Resort


Krabi - Thailand

The Beautique Skin Co


Columbus- USA

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