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Clearwater Visuals is the 2023 Award Winner as Best Videographer in Tampa Bay, Presented by Travelers' Atlas®.

Clearwater - Florida


Based in Tampa Bay, Clearwater Visuals is dedicated to video production and photography with the goal of producing engaging content suitable for events, product showcases, and social media. By combining technical proficiency with a creative approach, Clearwater Visuals aims to produce distinctive videos and photographs that align with the unique requirements and narratives of each client. The focus is on capturing compelling stories through visual content, tailored to highlight each project's individuality.

The company prioritizes collaboration and open communication with clients, facilitating a process that respects the vision and goals of those it serves. By valuing and incorporating client feedback at every stage, Clearwater Visuals seeks to align closely with client expectations, aiming to create visual content that resonates deeply with its intended audience. This method underscores Clearwater Visuals' dedication to crafting personalized, engaging visual narratives, although outcomes are influenced by collaborative efforts and shared visions.

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