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Edgly Marketing Group is the 2023 Award Winner as Best Video Production Company in Tampa, Presented by Travelers' Atlas®.

Tampa - Florida


Based in Tampa, Edgly Marketing Group has a unique origin story that began with rollerblading. Founded by Nick, a transfer student at the University of Tampa, the company traces its roots back to Nick's efforts to make friends and integrate into campus life. Joining a group known as the "Bayshore Blading Bandits," Nick combined his marketing savvy with a passion for videography by capturing and sharing their rollerblading activities on social media. One of his videos unexpectedly gained viral attention on campus, sparking Nick's entrepreneurial spirit.

Leveraging this newfound popularity, Nick secured a sponsorship with a local business, transforming what started as a fun activity into a burgeoning career in marketing. Today, Edgly Marketing Group, with a growing team and a broad range of services, specializes in videography and social media management. The company's foundation, built on spontaneity and social engagement, underscores its commitment to innovative marketing strategies that resonate with a diverse client base. The spirit of camaraderie and creativity that sparked its formation continues to drive the company's success and expansion.

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