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Silky Money Studios is the 2023 Award Winner as Best Video Production Company in Clearwater, Presented by Travelers' Atlas®.

Clearwater - Florida


Silky Money Studios, located in the United States, is a collective formed by individuals who originally worked as freelance videographers, photographers, and graphic designers. They united under the belief that "Everyone needs content," aiming to be a reliable resource for business owners, artists, and entrepreneurs seeking high-quality media services. Their comprehensive offerings include video production and photography, emphasizing creative storytelling and visual appeal to effectively communicate their clients' messages.

The studio's video services focus on commercial content that enhances brand visibility and consumer confidence through professional and engaging storytelling. They also produce work for film and TV, supporting clients' artistic visions with a team that goes beyond technical execution to share and enhance creative ideas. Their photography services cover a range of styles including editorial, lifestyle, studio, product, headshot, and beauty photography, ensuring versatility and quality in visual outputs. Silky Money Studios prides itself on creating content that not only meets but elevates the client's promotional and artistic endeavors.

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