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Schulas 347 Grill is the 2023 Award Winner as Best Brunch, Presented by Travelers Atlas®.

415 N Monroe St, Tallahassee - Florida 32301 - USA


Immerse yourself in the legacy of former football coach Don Shula at Shula's, a sophisticated steakhouse chain that pays homage to aged beef and culinary classics. Recognized as the Best Steakhouse in Tallahassee and proudly named after Coach Don Shula, the most triumphant coach in NFL history, Shula's 347 Grill finds its home in the heart of Downtown Tallahassee within the confines of Hotel Duval. Here, an experience awaits that seamlessly marries the world of sports and dining.

Indulge in a diverse menu at Shula's 347 Grill, encompassing a range from gourmet salads to fresh specialty fish. However, the true star of the show remains the exceptional Premium Black Angus Beef Burgers and the renowned Shula Cut steaks, renowned for being the epitome of beef excellence.

The atmosphere at Shula's 347 Grill is a blend of casual comfort and infectious energy. With a dynamic bar as its centerpiece, adorned with flat panel TVs, walls adorned with pigskin accents, and an aesthetic dominated by dark woods and leather, every corner exudes the spirit of the game. For those seeking privacy, Shula's offers the exclusive Legends Room and Coach's Corner, perfect for hosting your next event.







Great Service




415 N Monroe St, Tallahassee - Florida 32301-USA


(850) 224-6005


SUN 5 PM - 11 AM

MON 5 PM - 11 AM

TUE 5 PM - 11 AM

WED 5 PM - 11 AM 

THU 5 PM - 11 AM

FRI  5 PM - 11 AM

SAT  5 PM - 11 AM



The Filet was perfect. Sat at the bar. Very friendly. Came back a 2nd time. It't in the hotel lobby so if your staying its a must.


This is THE SPOT For the best steak & service in town. From top to bottom, Shula’s is King. You can’t go wrong, because they won’t let you! We had beautiful surf & turf including a wide selection of wines. Always splendid.


The steaks are great! The sides were also delicious. The wine list wasn’t extensive but had some great choices. I wasn’t crazy about the fried brownie desert, but it was edible. All in all, an excellent meal!



Grace Gravestock
Fantastic service, elegant restaurant, great food. The glazed salmon was perhaps the best salmon I've ever had, so tender, it almost melted in my mouth like butter.


Dre Shaw
This meal was great. I order the NY Strip with mash and we also order the pork chop with mash which you see in the picture . It was tasty man. It’s a nice fine dinning spot with a boujee driveway.


Michelle Lafleur
One of the best places to eat in Tallahassee. Pictures do not do it justice. Wait staff was great. I would eat this day in and day out. The fried calamari was best I had and worth all the calories.



Vita S.
Steak is awesome! Burger was very good too. Service is extremely kind and responsive. Ambiance is wonderful! Prices are on the higher side but if you want to get really good steak then definitely go for it!


Allie M.
This food was so good and the mango salsa that was under the scallops was amazing 10/10 highly recommend. I was with a large party and my food was perfect!


Joseph D.
Don Shula's restaurant-I've eaten at the one in Tampa and in Tallahassee and the steaks are amazing and Cooked to Perfection! Expect to pay around $100 per person not including alcohol, but definitely worth every penny!

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