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Chile is a country with a wide range of landscapes and a rich culture. It features the Atacama Desert, one of the driest places on Earth, the impressive glaciers of Patagonia, and the unique Easter Island with its ancient statues. These places offer chances for discovery and cultural learning. Chile's history includes a contrast of local traditions and stories, which shape its modern society and culture.

In the cultural sector, Chile has important museums and events. The Museum of Pre-Columbian Art in Santiago displays ancient artifacts from before European contact. The Chilean National History Museum and the Pablo Neruda Museum provide insights into the country's historical and literary heritage. Events like the Fiestas Patrias, celebrating Chile's independence, and the Viña del Mar International Song Festival, a major music event, highlight the country's cultural diversity.


Economics & Tourism


Cost Of Living Index

Annual Tourists
6 million

Homicide Rate
6.7 per 100,000

Median Income

Tourism Revenue
$7 billion (2023)

Top Activities
Cultural Tours, Museums, Music Events

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