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Denmark, a Scandinavian country, combines historical heritage with modern design. Copenhagen, its capital, showcases contemporary architecture and design, known for its emphasis on sustainability, the hygge lifestyle, and being bicycle-friendly. The nation's Viking history is evident in museums and ancient runes, and its maritime legacy is visible in harbors and fishing villages.

Denmark is recognized for its dedication to sustainability and green living, leading in environmental responsibility. Its countryside features rolling hills and windmills, providing a peaceful escape from the city. The coastline, with sandy beaches and holiday homes, adds to the country's appeal. Denmark's culture of innovation and historical ties, along with its focus on community and happiness, makes it an inviting and progressive place for visitors.


Economics & Tourism


Cost Of Living Index

Annual Tourists
8 million

Homicide Rate
1.0 per 100,000

Median Income

Tourism Revenue
€ 4.5 billion (2021)

Top Activities
Cultural Tours, Skii, Climbing

Source: World Bank | CIA World Factbook | Statista | Trading Economics | UNODC | NUMBEO



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Aarhus - Denmark


Copenhagen - Denmark

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