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North Carolina

North Carolina is a region full of geographical diversity, from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Atlantic coastline. The Outer Banks are noted for their unique ecosystem, including wild horses and historical lighthouses, reflecting a history of maritime activities. Urban centers such as Asheville and Charlotte combine traditional hospitality with modern urban developments. The state's cuisine, particularly its barbecue, highlights a blend of local and broad influences. Nature enthusiasts can explore the Appalachian Trail and the Biltmore Estate for outdoor activities and historical insights.

The rural landscapes contrast with urban vibrancy, offering insights into a simpler lifestyle in areas reminiscent of Amish Country. North Carolina's historical narrative is shaped by its agricultural roots, including tobacco and textiles, and its role in the Civil War. The state's commitment to research and technology, evident in places like the Research Triangle Park, signals a move towards an innovative future. This combination of historical depth and innovation defines North Carolina, presenting a multifaceted experience to visitors and residents alike.


Economics & Tourism


Cost Of Living Index

Annual Tourists
43 million

Homicide Rate
9.7 per 100,000

Median Income

Tourism Revenue
$ 33.3 billion (2022)

Top Activities
Skiing, Horseback Riding and Hiking

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