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Panama, known for its diverse geography, features a range of experiences from the colonial charm of Panama City's Casco Viejo to the untouched beauty of the San Blas Islands and the expansive rainforests. These regions offer not just natural beauty but also venues for cultural and historical exploration. Panama's history, rich with a contrast of indigenous, Spanish, and later cultural influences, is integral to its modern-day identity.

The country's cultural landscape is marked by its museums, which provide insights into Panama's history and ecological diversity. The Panama Canal Museum presents the history of engineering, the Biomuseo focuses on Panama’s biodiversity, and the Museo del Canal Interoceánico highlights the historical aspects of the canal. Annual events like the Carnaval de Panamá, known for its parades and festivities, and the Pollera Festival, celebrating traditional Panamanian dress. These events are a reflection of Panama's rich historical traditions and cultural practices.


Economics & Tourism


Cost Of Living Index

Annual Tourists
2 million

Homicide Rate
11.3 per 100,000

Median Income

Tourism Revenue
$ 1.7 billion (2023)

Top Activities
Cultural Tours, Food Tours, Beaches

Source: World Bank | CIA World Factbook | Statista | Trading Economics | UNODC | NUMBEO



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Panama City - Panama


Panama City - Panama


Panama City - Panama

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