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Pennsylvania is a state where historical milestones and modern advancements are prominently displayed. Notable sites such as the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall mark the origins of the United States, offering insights into the nation's founding principles of liberty and democracy. These landmarks provide a direct connection to the pivotal moments in America's early history.

The state's geography includes the Pocono Mountains, offering natural beauty and outdoor activities, alongside the dynamic urban environments of cities like Philadelphia. Cultural contributions are significant, with institutions like the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Pittsburgh Cultural District highlighting Pennsylvania's role in the arts. From the historical ambiance of Old City Philadelphia to the culinary diversity of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania showcases a wide range of experiences, emphasizing its historical significance and its ongoing cultural and innovative contributions.


Economics & Tourism


Cost of Living Index

Annual Tourists
180 million

Homicide Rate
9.2 per 100,000

Median Income

Tourism Revenue
$ 63 billion (2022)

Top Activities
Historical Tours, Hiking, Rafting Tourism

Source: World Bank | CIA World Factbook | Statista | Trading Economics | UNODC | NUMBEO



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