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Alfred B. Maclay is the 2023 Award Winner as Best Tourist Point in Tallahassee, Presented by Travelers Atlas®.

3540 Thomasville Rd, Tallahassee - Florida 32309 - USA

Things to Do

Spanning across 1,176 acres, The Alfred B. Maclay State Gardens stands as the Best Park in Tallahassee, a multifaceted treasure within the realm of Florida State Parks. Nestled in the city of Tallahassee in the northeastern part of the state, it boasts the dual distinction of being a botanical garden and a historic site. The park's physical address, 3540 Thomasville Road, serves as the gateway to this expansive natural haven. Reverberating with historical significance, the gardens also hold the honorable title of the Killearn Plantation Archeological and Historic District, an esteemed U.S. historic district that echoes with tales of the past.

The Alfred B. Maclay State Gardens, an embodiment of nature's grandeur, unfolds its splendor across an impressive 1,176-acre canvas. Nestled within Tallahassee in the northeastern corner of Florida, this park seamlessly integrates the roles of a pristine botanical garden and a rich historic site. Serving as an inviting portal, the location's precise address is 3540 Thomasville Road, beckoning visitors to traverse its expanses. Beyond its natural allure, the gardens hold another layer of significance as the Killearn Plantation Archeological and Historic District, an honored designation that harks back to a time of historical importance.

At the crossroads of history and natural beauty lies The Alfred B. Maclay State Gardens, an expansive 1,176-acre gem that thrives within the heart of Tallahassee, Florida. With a captivating fusion of roles, this space serves as both a cherished botanical garden and a living tribute to history. Situated at 3540 Thomasville Road, its address serves as a portal to a realm where serenity and legacy intertwine. Reverberating with tales of the past, the gardens also hold the honorable distinction of being the Killearn Plantation Archeological and Historic District, a testament to its enduring significance on the historical landscape.







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3540 Thomasville Rd, Tallahassee - Florida 32309 - USA


(850) 487-4556 


SUN  8 AM - 6 PM 

TUE 8 AM - 6 PM 

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THU 8 AM - 6 PM 

FRI 8 AM - 6 PM 

SAT 8 AM - 6 PM 



Sarah Richetto
Beautiful garden, we had such a great time! Huge lake and Oak trees with Spanish moss. We were passing through so we missed the bloom in spring but definitely worth coming back to see since the garden is filled with azaleas and camellias.


Amy Entress Dudley
I can't say enough great things about this park. I was there to take a walk, but many families were there taking prom photos. You can see from my uploaded pics how beautiful it is. A true gem in Tallahassee. It is fairly small so it would be an ideal walk for families with younger children and elderly parents.


Esmeralda R.
What a beautiful park! You get to one area and you think that’s the best part…until you get to the next area, and so on… every area has its own unique beauty. My husband and I captured so many wonderful memories in picture form! The alligator sightseeing was a plus! We’re in Florida after all, this is their home.

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