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La Belle Assiette Chefs A Domicile is the 2023 Award Winner as Best Personal Chef in Paris, Presented by Travelers' Atlas®.

75002 Paris France 2ème, Etienne Marcel/Montorgueil, Bourse - France


La Belle Assiette Chefs A Domicile, recognized as The Best Personal Chef in Paris, is becoming increasingly popular for those who enjoy entertaining guests at home. This service simplifies the hosting process by managing all aspects of meal preparation. Private chefs select high-quality ingredients, prepare the meal in the host's kitchen, and take care of the cleanliness before leaving, enabling hosts to focus on their guests.

The advantages of a Home Chef Service include allowing hosts to enjoy the event without worrying about cooking or cleaning. It offers a unique and personalized dining experience, where guests can interact with the chef and learn about the dishes being served. Additionally, hosting at home can be more cost-effective than dining out, particularly for larger groups. La Belle Assiette Chefs A Domicile transforms home dining into a delightful and customized culinary event.







Culinary Masters


Boutique Service


75002 Paris France 2ème, Etienne Marcel/Montorgueil, Bourse - France 


+33 1 7634 0034


SUN 9 AM –  7 AM

MON 9 AM –  7 AM 

TUE 9 AM –  7 AM

WED 9 AM –  7 AM

THU 9 AM –  7 AM

FRI 9 AM –  7 AM

SAT 9 AM –  7 AM



A great meal for a lovely evening. (***** maximum stars!!!)
Thanks again to Jérémy.
We will not fail to advertise to you and re-solicit you from time to time.


Agathe Laviron
Attitude, Professionalism, Quality, Valor
Great experience!! The chef is very professional and easily adapted to our cuisine. The meal was delicious, we almost felt like we were in a real restaurant if we weren't in our own living room ^^


Ariane Moucheroud
We loved it. A gifted chef, discreet with great contact and who shared his passion and his tips with us. Superb dishes, impeccable service, we had a very good evening... and what a pleasure to put our feet under our own table!

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