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World Central Kitchen is the 2023 Winner of the Non-Profit Award, presented by Travelers' Atlas.

200 Massachusetts Ave NW, 7th Floor Washington, DC

Nonprofit Organizations

Recognizing the deep-seated connection between food and humanity, especially in times of adversity, a remarkable non-profit initiative was birthed. Food, as many would acknowledge, is not just a basic necessity; it's an embodiment of love, care, and unity. In moments of darkness and disaster, a simple, thoughtfully prepared meal can signify hope and the comforting presence of a community that stands together.

In the aftermath of the catastrophic earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010, Chef José Andrés felt a profound calling. He wasn't just motivated to provide food to the victims; he wanted to connect, learn, and collaborate with the affected communities. In a displaced camp in Haiti, instead of imposing his culinary style, he chose to listen and understand. He learned the traditional Haitian way of preparing black beans, emphasizing the importance of not just feeding the body but also nourishing the soul. Such acts of humility and genuine compassion became the foundational stones upon which José and his wife, Patricia, established World Central Kitchen (WCK).

Chef José Andrés believes in a straightforward yet profound philosophy: If a situation demands medical attention, you deploy doctors; if it calls for reconstruction, you send engineers; and when people are hungry, you need professional chefs. As the founder and aptly titled "Chief Feeding Officer" of WCK, his vision embodies this sentiment.

World Central Kitchen's expansive initiatives underscore their unwavering commitment to global well-being. Through their Emergency Food Relief program, they consistently offer fresh meals to those grappling with disasters. Their Chefs For Ukraine project aptly showcases their agility in responding to pressing global events, emphasizing their dedication. WCK's Climate-Related Responses address the mounting threats of the climate crisis by supporting the hardest-hit communities. The Chef Corps unites culinary experts from diverse backgrounds under a shared mission, demonstrating the power of collective action. Lastly, their Legacy Programs narrate the chronicles of WCK’s enduring journey, marked by resilience and service. In an ever-challenging world, WCK emerges as a symbol of hope, epitomizing the healing and unifying power of food served with genuine care.

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200 Massachusetts Ave NW, 7th Floor Washington, DC.


+1 (202) 844-6330

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