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Italy is known for its history and art. The country has famous sites, from the old city of Rome to the hills of Tuscany, providing many chances for exploration and cultural learning. History is evident everywhere, from Pompeii's ruins to the art of Florence. Its coastal towns offer views of the sea, and the countryside is filled with vineyards and olive trees, showing Italy's strong food and farming traditions.

Italy's culture is shown through its museums and festivals. The Uffizi Gallery and the Venice Carnival are examples of its cultural offerings. Italy is a place where people can enjoy food, art, and buildings. There are old villages and coastal areas like the Amalfi Coast to visit. Italy is also important in fashion and design, with events like Milan Fashion Week, and has contributions in science and literature.


Economics & Tourism


Cost of Living Index

Annual Tourists
63 million

Homicide Rate
0.5 per 100,000

Median Income €48,360/yearly

Tourism Revenue
€ 42 billion (2019)

Top Activities
Sightseeing, Culinary Tours, Beaches

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