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New York

New York State offers a mix of urban excitement and natural beauty, home to iconic landmarks like Times Square and Ellis Island. These destinations attract visitors worldwide, emphasizing the stories central to America's development. Ellis Island offers insights into the nation's rich history of immigration, showcasing the diverse cultural backgrounds that contribute to the fabric of the state and the broader country.

New York is also recognized for its arts scene, including institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art and events such as the Tribeca Film Festival. These cultural offerings cover various artistic styles, from the traditional to the modern, showcasing New York's commitment to cultural diversity and innovation. The state's theaters, galleries, and festivals provide numerous ways to engage with art, representing a historical legacy and a commitment to new cultural perspectives.


Economics & Tourism


Cost of Living Index

Annual Tourists
71,8 million

Homicide Rate
4.8 per 100,000

Median Income

Tourism Revenue
$ 78 billion (2022)

Top Activities
Broadway, Museums, Sightseeing

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